About us

We started operations on 1 November 2021. We were formed from the merger of:

  • Bałucki Cultural Centre
  • Centre for Youth Culture
  • Upper Culture Centre
  • Polesie Art Centre
  • Widzew Culture Centres

We comprise as many as 15 branches, creating a well-functioning cultural and artistic institution. We want to integrate, inspire and activate all the inhabitants of Łódź. On a grand scale!

The substantive activities of the Municipal Cultural Zone are carried out in:

Art Centre, 2a Krzemieniecka St.
Karolew Centre, 6a Bratislava Street
Harnam Centre, 282a Piotrkowska St.
Szwalnia Theatre and Gallery, ul. Andrzeja Struga 90
Upper Centre, 1 Siedlecka Street
Open Culture Zone, 4 Anna Jagiellonka Street
Centre for Youth Culture, 13 Lokatorska Street
Club Dąbrowa, 93 Dąbrowskiego St.
House of Culture "502", 18 A. Sakharov Street
Ariadna House of Culture, Niciarniana Street 1/3
Widok Community Centre, Piłsudskiego Avenue 133
Centrum Animacji i Rewitalizacji RONDO, ul. Limanowskiego 166
Cultural Education Centre NA ŻUBARDZKA, 3 Żubardzka St.
LUTNIA Centre for Creativity, 14 Łanowa Street
Wyspa Kultury Centre, 28 Stawowa Street

If you want to get to know us better from a formal point of view - take a look at the statute!

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