MSK team

In a few words

A mosaic of personalities, competences and interests. 
Diverse temperaments, ambitions and dreams united by a far-reaching goal: a highly functioning Urban Cultural Zone. We want to inspire and activate the people of Łódź for creative activities - both of an individual and community nature. Together we are unstoppable 🙂 .

Directorate of the Municipal Cultural Zone

Director Dorota Wodnicka -

Deputy Director for Administration Maciej Jończyk -

Deputy Director for Programme Affairs Monika Tabowska -

MSK administration

Secretariat -

Head of the Promotion Department Edyta Zajdlic -

Head of Human Resources Agnieszka Wągrowska -

Head of Projects and Fundraising Department

Agnieszka Chmielewska -

Chief Accountant Iwona Panienkowska -

Head of Administration and Technical Department

Anna Pawłowska -

MSK Branch Managers

Upper Centre, Open Culture Zone Marta Wybraniec -

Centre for Youth Culture Artur Gierula -

Widok Community Centre Rafał Pakuła -

Club Dąbrowa Emil Nocuń -

Culture Island Centre Monika Zagajewska-Grajoszek -

Art Centre Marta Łącka -

House of Culture 502 Marcin Truszczyński -

Karolew Centre Katarzyna Gajda-Warchoł -

Lutnia Creative Centre Ewa Majchrzak -

Harnam Centre Maria Kuśnierz-Skonieczna -

Ariadne House of Culture Przemyslaw Boguslawski -

Cultural Education Centre in Żubardzka Street Kinga Zajdel-Karasińska –

Rondo Animation and Revitalisation Centre Kinga Zajdel-Karasińska -

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